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Cosas que pasan por ahí

Las 7 Nuevas Maravillas, fotografías panorámicas en 360°

The Roman Colosseum ItalyClick to view Fullscreen QTVR

Vr Photo © Greg Downing Greg Downing is wellknown in the panoramic community. He has traveled the world shooting location panoramic photography for Intel in Russia, Jordan, France, India, Vietnam and Australia. He has produced HDR images for Pixar and is an HDR imaging consultant for Sphereon.Read more in the interview at VRMag
Petra Jordan – the forgotten CityClick to view Fullscreen QTVR


Vr Photo © William Donelsen Armchair TravelArmchair Travel Company Ltd is an international company specialising in the use of Virtual Travel®, Flash, Java and Javascript to create the best of “Photographic” Virtual Reality environments for commercial, military and consumer products.For a full virtual tour of Taj Mahal visit Explore Taj Mahal

Also by ArmChair Travel

Kew Garden Virtual Tour

Taj Mahal India Click to view Fullscreen QTVR


Vr Photo © ImmersionNicolas and Aurélien are 2 young French men who decided to travel around the world. At their site Immersion they are now publishing images and panoramas from the trip.
Machu PicchuClick to view Fullscreen QTVR
Christ Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro Brazil Click on image for fullscreen QTVR

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